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Now Open: 2024-25 TK & Kindergarten Enrollment

TK and Kindergarten registration is OPEN for the upcoming 2024-25 school year! Enroll your child for Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten today. 

TK Eligibility (expanded!): 5th birthday falls between Sept. 2, 2024 and June 2, 2025
Kindergarten Eligibility: 5-years-old on or before Sept. 1, 2024

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The San Rafael Early Childhood Education Center

SRCS is pleased to share the opening of the San Rafael Early Childhood Education Center at Short School for the 2024-25 school year! We are proud to partner on this endeavor with our longstanding partner Community Action Marin (CAM) as we work together to serve children who are primarily 3-4 years old. Designed specifically for these young learners, the campus will provide many unique opportunities and benefits.  

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Our Values: Equity, Community and Joy

District Budget Reductions

Thank you to our greater SRCS community for your engagement and feedback as we worked through the very difficult process to identify how to reduce our spending for next school year. The community has demonstrated how much our schools are valued, how collaborative everyone is and how the focus has remained on what matters most - our students.

At their meeting on Feb. 26, the Board approved the budget reductions for both the Elementary School District (funds our TK-8 grade schools) and the High School District (funds our 9-12 grade schools) for next school year. 

As next steps, SRCS will submit these lists of reductions to the Marin County Office of Education with our Second Interim Budget Report to demonstrate our districts are fiscally solvent (maintaining the minimum required reserve of 3% over the next three years). 

Importantly, throughout the remainder of this school year, the District will continue to monitor our revenue projections driven by the State budget and how they impact the implementation of these budget reductions. If projections improve, we may have the opportunity to scale back reductions, and we would do so in accordance with community feedback provided over the past few months. Furthermore, we will continue to work with both District’s Budget Advisory Committees regarding implementing budget reductions.

Related links and resources include:

Thank you again to our community for collaborating toward better fiscal health while remaining committed to our educational priorities.


SRCS Updates: Letter from the Supt; Board-Approved Budget Reductions; Legislative Action Day; One WISH to Unite; School Murals & More

Message from the Superintendent Dear San Rafael City Schools Community,  As we leave February and step into March, it was wonderful to see our schools celebrate the rich tapestry of Black history . . . Read More

Invitacion a Nuestra Charla de DELAC - VIRTUALMENTE - HOY a las 6 pm, 8 de febrero

presented by Superintendent Diaz-Ghysels and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. Bob Marcucci.  The meeting will be online via Zoom. You can join the meeting with the following link: htt . . . Read More

SRCS Schools Open Today, Monday, Feb. 5

 Dear San Rafael City Schools Community, We are confirming that all SRCS schools will be open today, Monday, February 5. We have assessed local conditions and the impact of the storm on our school . . . Read More

SRCS Monitoring Storm; Schools Expected to be Open on Monday

 Dear San Rafael City Schools Community, At this time, all SRCS schools are scheduled to be open tomorrow, Monday, February 5. We are monitoring the weather conditions as well as the impact on our . . . Read More
  • A teacher helping a student who is doing arts and crafts
  • A student smiling at another student as they are doing homework
  • A student cutting a piece of wood with the instruction of the teacher giving them a thumbs up
  • Two students in science class working with a microscope
  • Three students building structures with marshmallows and toothpicks

About Us

San Rafael City Schools includes the San Rafael Elementary School District and the San Rafael High School District, with a total student population of approximately 7,000. The two districts are governed by one school board and one district office administration. The district consists of 6 TK-5 schools, a TK-8 school, a middle school, two comprehensive high schools and a continuation high school.

Grounded in our vision for student success, we undertook an extensive journey with our greater community to develop our strategic plan - Together 2024. It describes our District values of equity, community and joy, as well as our culture, goals and strategic actions. The District's Graduate Profile articulates the skills needed to succeed in this rapidly changing world, and we committed to developing these skills so every student graduates ready to pursue their goals.

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Building for Student Success

Progress is underway to update and modernize our schools to create safe, innovative learning environments and instructional technology that support 21st century learning. Our facilities have blossomed over the last eight years and additional projects are ahead to further enhance our schools. We're grateful to our community for generously approving bond measures to support this work!


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Our Strategic Plan

Grounded in our vision for student success, we undertook an extensive journey with our greater SRCS community to develop our new three-year strategic plan - Together 2024. The plan articulates our District's values, culture, Graduate Profile, goals and strategic actions, which guide our work to ensure all students achieve and thrive to their fullest potential. 


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Public Education Foundation

SRCS is proud and grateful to partner with HeadsUp, the San Rafael Public Education Foundation. HeadsUp brings critical enrichment and support programs to our schools, providing equitable opportunities for our students while building community district-wide.










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